What you get with Ms. Nickie's Virtual Summer Music Camp!

  • Live Zoom classes where Ms. Nickie will teach you how to play! From scratch! Classes are for violin or piano/keyboard.

  • Recorded classes to review during practice! For parents too!

  • Method Booklet made by Ms. Nickie!

  • Sheet Music!

  • Music Theory class with fun worksheets!

  • Play along practice and performance CDs made by Ms. Nickie!

  • Music Bingo with mailed out prizes!

  • Virtual Recital

  • Certificate


Frequently Asked Questions



Virtual Music Camp

  • Will you be providing the materials?

    Yes, there will be a packet emailed to you including any worksheets or any other materials that needed to be printed beside the instrument that you will need. Paper materials can be mailed out as well if you do not have a printer available. 

  • What happens when I buy your camp? 
    You will receive a welcome email, asking for your mailing address so I can mail out the packages, and the zoom links, and any other information I need to give the parents.

  • Do I get a receipt? Do you offer refunds?

    Paypal and POWR will provide a receipt for you, all payments are currently being accepted via Paypal. There are no refunds being issued at this time. If there is an outstanding issue see me.

  • Do I need to be present with my child as they take your camp? 
    Good question! This is honestly up to you, I would say yes, some parents want to be really involved, others are busy, if you have more thoughts on this let me know.

  • Do my children need any prior music education for your course?

    My course is designed for the beginner musician, however, I would like at least a month or more's worth of prior musical knowledge for violin, piano, or guitar.

  • What materials do we need? Do we get to keep the materials?

    Yes you get to keep all the materials provided to you, including the instructional videos. You will need: For Piano students: A piano or a keyboard (preferably weighted with 88 keys) Violin/Viola Students: A properly sized instrument with accessories (email me for details) A smart device that will easily perform Zoom. Optional printer access with scanner for copies of worksheets and to submit homework.

  • Are the videos pre-recorded or live?

    All of the instruction and bingo games will be live. The instructional videos however will be recorded so the student can review them again at a later time.

  • What will happen if we miss a class?

    All of the lessons will be recorded so you can watch what you miss. This does not include the bingo games. Please still complete whatever homework what assigned that day even if they class was missed. These homework assignments are usually just a worksheet.

  • Do you have to have your own instrument?

    Yes, you do, I will not be providing the instrument, please email me with questions.

  • What platforms will we be using?

    We will be using email PDFS which will include also Zoom meetings links.

  • What technological devices do we need?

    Either a tablet or laptop with reliable internet connection. Additionally a smart phone.

  • What is your virtual camp teaching?

    My camp will teach the fundamentals and the basics of Music Theory, Piano (or keyboard), and Violin. Guitar will be added as well.

  • When does the virtual camp start?

    Currently scheduled for December 7th, see the schedule for details.

  • What are your ages groups?

    Currently offering ages 6-11

  • What are the hours of your virtual camp?

    Listed on the website, there will be 6 different time slots to choose from.

  • Will there be any forms or contracts that I am required to fill out?

    Yes, there will be a photo release form emailed to all parents immediately.