Sample Gig Contract (Weddings)

This is my basic contract. TBA means To Be Announced. Message or call me for the rates!

Agreement between TBA

Regarding the classical music for the client's wedding established (TBA "Date you pay deposit")

Playing Time:
The musician agrees to be set up and ready for call time by TBA. The performance will be from TBA. The rate is TBA per hour

Nicolette Whaley- solo violist

(Additional performers are compensated at the rate of TBA

Dress Rehearsal:
If client wants Nicolette present for dress rehearsal it is TBA additional charge. Time and date of the dress rehearsal- TBA

Compensation for travel will be added

Sheet Music:
Add the specially requested songs here: Songs that are not already in my song list are an additional charge

Rehearsal time:
Nicolette as a soloist is not being compensated for rehearsal time. If there is an ensemble, there will be compensated rehearsal time.

Very appreciated but always optional.

If the event starts late, Nicolette will continue to perform to entertain guests but will be compensated for any extra time going outside of the contract.

Ceremony Details:
Number of guests:
Call time to arrive on set: TBA
Time to start playing as guests arrive: Nickie will play solo 30 minutes before guests arrive time is TBA.
Time Ceremony starts:
Processional song or piece:
Bridal song or piece:
Any extra song or piece (sand ceremony, etc):
Recessional song or piece:

Cocktail Hour:
Are you wanting Nicolette to perform your cocktail hour as well?

Cancellation policy:

If the client cancels a month or less out, no refunds whatsoever.

If Nicolette cancels due to illness it is her responsibility to find a replacement performer free of charge.

Overview Details:
Date of event: TBA
Event location address: TBA
Time of event: TBA
Type of ensemble: Solo Violist
Violist: Nicolette (Nickie) Whaley
Total hours hired for: TBA
Compensation agreed upon: TBA
Deposit agreed upon and paid on TBA: $TBA 
Payment made to Nicolette via PayPal or Cashapp