Word on the Street

As an event coordinator at "Bayfront Marin House " & "Beachcomber Cottages on Vilano" in St. Augustine, I recently hired Nicolette, to play for a wedding ceremony/light reception. Between our two busy venue properties, we've coordinated hundreds of events; Nicolette is by far one of the most impressive talents we've had the pleasure of working with. Her talent, willingness, and attention to the needs of our couple was right on point! We look forward to working with her soon! * 5+ Stars & 2 Thumbs up... WAAY UP! for Nicolette! 

Brian F Bayfront Marin House & Beachcomber Cottages on Vilano

Nickie was fantastic! Great communicator in the planning stages of our wedding, played all the songs we wanted (even the jaws intro into here comes the bride LOL), sounded amazing! I would definitely recommend her if you are looking to wow your wedding guests with her awesome playing :) We were extremely happy with her all around!

Jessica R. - Bride 5/09/2019

Nickie was incredible! She was super flexible, learned the material quickly, and joined us in our excitement for the wedding performance! I highly recommend her!!

Erin D. - Maid of Honor 4/17/2018

Nickie was a pleasure to work with for our wedding on 9/29/2018. We were looking for either a harp player or violin/viola-cello duo that was either experienced or willing to learn to play at a Catholic ceremony... and also within our budget. I heard about Nickie from a friend of mine who recommended her since her children also take piano and viola lessons from her. Nickie had not played a Catholic wedding at that point, but was very eager to learn and even came with us to a mass to understand when certain songs were cued to start and stop. When we gave her the particular songs that were to be played, we made sure we gave her enough time to be able to practice songs she didn’t already know. She made sure that she was at the rehearsal to see the set up and acoustics, and when the big day came, she and her cellist did such a great job!! No amplification was needed for them in the church— it sounded exactly as we pictured it to be. I would definitely recommend her to play during your big day!

Cristina V. -Bride 9/28/2018

Nickie was very professional, on-time and played a repertoire that both impressed and delighted my guests. I would recommend her for any event any time! Thank you Nickie, we are very grateful.

Charmaine C. - Client 

Nickie was amazing! I would definitely recommend her and her beautiful viola. We had requested non-traditional songs and she pulled them off with ease.

Shannon R. - Bride 10/05/2018

Nickie was easy to communicate with and quick to respond. Payment was pretty simple as well. The music sounded beautiful and prices were fair!

Molly M. - Bride 4/24/2019

Nicolette is exactly what I was hoping for! She took my request days before and even sent me a last chance reminder (which I definitely needed and appreciated) for my last minute function. I could not be happier with my experience. I wish I could upload videos because there is a very adorable one of Nickie playing it's a small world while my friends little boy dances around her. She wasn't annoyed at all, she even engaged with the little boy. It was wonderful. We will be booking her again.

Jose L. - Client 2/17/2018

Nicolette was wonderful in every respect! She performed at my son's wedding and is a talented violin player and very accommodating. I would highly recommend her!!

 Peter W. - Client 11/2/2016

Can't explain how happy and satisfied I am. She was on time, professional, friendly, kind, and exceptionally talented. She made my proposal night even more than perfect. I would recommend her to anybody and for any occasion.

Orlando P. FROM DELAND, FL ON 6/1/2015

Nickie was great we all enjoyed her and her music very much. We will call her for our next event.

Stewart B. - Client 12/29/2015

She was absolutely great, would definitely recommend her. Very professional and great talent. Thank you, very happy.

Ranny M. - Client 3/20/2016

She did an amazing job for my wedding, the music was great, thank you so much!

Dianna K. - Bride 3/19/2016